Not to brag - never mind, I'm going to. 98% of all the crowd-funding campaigns I've made a film for were successfully funded. That's not bad.

This was the Kickstarter campaign pitch video I made for a film I'm making. Our campaign ended 118% funded, so great!

Shot in LA in one day, the Orrery lamp tells the story of more than just an amazingly beautiful lamp. 

Story is everything.

Telling a story in the most authentic way possible often means that we (the filmmakers) have to get out of the way, and let the story take the lead.

A crowd funding video for a start-up called "Father & Figure". All shot on location in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

A campaign video for a product that combats an invisible health hazard. The challenge was to find the human story. I think we did it.

I feel your pain.

The video for your campaign is huge; you know that. I don’t take that likely. I've launched my own campaigns for personal projects (they ended successfully by the way.) I know the pressure, fear, and weight riding on it.

Shot in San Fransisco in just one day, this film was created for a cooking show, and urban cooking course.