A little glimpse at some of the projects I've worked on working lately.


A short tribute to one of the greatest people I've ever met, Louis Zamperini. I shot this footage years ago when the book 'Unbroken' was first released, but just recently began putting it together. I now have 12 videos taken from this incredible interview. This is one of the 12.


A music video of sorts for a fabulous church in San Francisco for their Christmas service.

old lovE

A charming couple in their 80s chat about what love looks like after 50 years of marriage.

John Muir

A short little tribute to John Muir and the mountains he spent much time in. I threw this video together in about 2 hours, and as such, and as part of this 30 day thing, there are a lot of mistakes and things I'd want to fix, but that's part of point.


This is a trailer for a short film I crated for a church series on dealing with addictions. I'll send you the full length short (only about 5 min) if you'd like a gander. 


A short I created in Venice Beach. A true story, and a horrible story, was a long tough shoot and edit. 

The Deck

This was a short I created in two days time. It was for a magic company - yep, a magic company, promoting a new deck of cards. 


A short motion piece I created for a new series at a church in Southern Ca.

Memorial Day

Another quick shoot and edit. This one was in honor and memory of the folks who have served our country with everything they had. I loved working on this one.

Burning Man

This short piece I created was for a documentary film about burning man. Fun project, all done in After Effects and Illustrator. 


This was a video I crated for Lincoln Brewster's Christmas tour. Super fun project to work on. You'll see large areas of black throughout the video, it's intentional and was part of the lighting and stage design... so don't freak out you, you always freak out on me.

KJC Logo

A quick logo animation for a friend of mine.

KLOVE Fan Awards

A quick sample animation I created for the KLOVE fan awards.

What Matters To You?

A video I created for a church capital campaign in Salt Lake city. Maybe a little cheesy with the whole "people holding signs" thing, I'll agree, but I had a great time exploring Salt Lake out the window of a car shooting this.