Achieve your goals for your video team,

using the resources already around you.

I work hands on with churches to help raise the bar in the world of video, and help them accomplish their goals, vision, and mission for their video team... even if they don't have a "video team" yet. I've found that video is often a very under utilized tool in church. Through hands-on training, on-call personalized assistance, and new ideas for the uses of video, churches can raise the bar, achieve goals, and even fill staffing rolls using resources already around them. 

How does it work?

Step one for me is to learn from you your goals and vision. I then work hands on with you to help develop a plan built around the resources you already have available. Then, through one on one training, skill building, I work to achieve your goals in a short amount of time, using people already on your team, or by recruiting people from your church.