Things I've Learned Through Making A Movie From Scratch (Part2)

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In case you missed part 1 of this, you can read it here. Then, after you are finished reading, you can consider yourself well informed and demand a pay raise. Here is the second thing I've learned from working on this film "Ears For Isaac".

Also, as I mentioned last week, I prefer pressing one record button rather then the many buttons required to type things... so, here is another video from my journal that sums up another something I've learned and wanted to remember from this experience. 

2. Do What You Love, Then Realize You Don't Love It. Then Do What You Really Love.

The Father & Daughter Show

My daughter and I decided that because we both enjoy podcasting, it would probably be a good idea to begin our own Podcast. We spent 8 weeks struggling over it's title before we came up with the genius gem of a name you see we have chosen. We record these episodes anytime we are in the car together. This week, episode 1 we discuss the ingredients to having a great campfire. Enjoy.

Things I've Learned Through Making A Movie From Scratch (Part1)

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For about 6 months now I have been working on a documentary film called "Ears For Isaac". Its not the first film I've worked on. I've been involved in the making of a few films, one in particular that involved a few Golden Retrievers and Betty White... if you can guess the movie you win a popsicle served at room temperature. This current movie however is my first attempt at creating something from scratch. Something that only myself, and a couple other people are doing together, on our own. I've learned a lot of things already, just in these early stages of making this film. I've also discovered that so many of the things I've learned apply to my personal life, and even my relationship with God. I would like to share a few of them with you, in return, I'd love for you to share something with me - preferably cash or stock options - or candy also if that's more reasonable.  

1. Focusing On End Results Isn't Always Beneficial

I came from a background of focusing on results. I took karate for over 6 years growing up, the goal was always the next belt. Later I spent years being pretty competitive in the world of Mountain Bike Racing, the goal was always future focused, the next race which meant a higher category the next season which meant potential for better sponsors which meant a chance to turn Pro one day and maybe even make a career of racing. 

One of the things I've learned through working on this film is that focusing on future results is not always helpful, sometimes it's actually detrimental. Sometimes it seems God puts in front of us goals or tasks or trials that don't have an end result, He just asks us to do the task, complete the goal, or move forward through the trial. A while back I began recording a video journal of some thoughts through this film. Because I'm generally lazy and prefer to press one button to record rather then many buttons to type, I'm posting the first journal below, which follows this idea of a results focused view rather then an accomplishment view. Would love to hear your thoughts.

5 FREE Fonts For Your Church Or Business

5 FREE Fonts For Your Church Or Business

Choosing the right fonts for your next flyer, hand out, poster, bulletin insert, or Keynote slide is a pretty big deal. It's your identity in many ways. It shapes the way people perceive you and your church, even people who don't "get" on design. Choosing the right font can mean the difference between engaging the reader, or turing them away. Below are 10 of my favorite fonts, free for the taking.

6 Best Online Resources For Video & Design

Here are the links in case you don't want to watch the video. The one above that I spent time out of my day to create specifically for you. The one I labored on, planned, and created from scratch. The one I spared no expense on, and no money on at the same time. 

1. (stock footage, after effects projects, audio FX)

2. (download youtube videos and more)

3. type ss after www. and before the Y in youtube. (download youtube videos)

4. (free high quality music for your videos)

5. (free sound FX)

6. (tons of great high res textures for design)

7. (free vectors)

3 Free Must Have Tools For Your Mac


Tools are essential for a happy production life with your Mac, here are 3 tools that in my book are must haves. I say tools by the way because it makes me feel better and more serious about myself. I use the word quibble as often as I can for the same reason. Download these now, and you to can feel better about yourself.

1. Default Folder X:

While this tool isn't truly free, it is worth every bit of the $20 they ask for after the 30 day free trial expires. This fantastic must have makes my world so much better, faster, and easier. If I use a Mac without it, it's the first thing I download.

What is does:

It does a lot to save you time. The key feature I love most though is how it remembers the last folder you were saving to. This saves me so much time when I'm saving multiple images, versions of an edit, or sends of video to the same folder over and over. It's amazing, try it out.

2. Evernote.

I know, everyone knows about everynote. If you don't how dare you even read this? Go download it now. I use evernote on my phone all the time, but it's amazing how often I use the desktop version on my mac. Definitely a must have, and it's FREE!

What it does:

It's a note taking app but so much more. The fact that you ask insults me.

3. Image Capture.

Ok, so this one is cheating. The thing is, I just discovered image capture not too long ago and meet people all the time who don't know of it or aren't using it. To them, I say here you go, then fill their life with joy as I show them this fantastic app. Image capture isn't something you download, you already have it, if you're on a mac anyway. Go up to spotlight and give it a type. Image capture changed my world when I discovered it. It may not change yours, but the idea that I could so easily dump photos and videos off of my iPhone without going through iTunes was enough to make me happy for 3 days straight. I use image capture now for everything, even RAW imports from my DSLRs.

What it does:

Image capture does just what it says, it captures images and videos from anything camera wise you plug into your computer. Well, unless your trying to capture that old technology known as a "video tape". 

5 Things To Watch Tonight On Netflix


We don't have cable in our home, other then the interweb cable that connects us to all things online. This online world has given us some great things to watch at night. Here are my top 5 favorites, and where to watch them.

5. Doc Martin (NetFlix)

This BBC original TV series was an obsession of my wife and I's. We were blowing through 3 episodes a night during it's run in our evening veg out time. It's British funny, has fantastic characters, is shot in a beautiful coastal location, and makes you want to yell "oh Bugger off" at people. It's a series we at first didn't think was anything that special, but after about three eps in we decided we were ready to move our family to Port Wien... then realized it didn't exist, so we ate lots of chocolate and ice cream, and yelled "Bugger Off" at each other for 3 straight hours.

4. The Queen Of Versailles (NetFlix)

This documentary follows a billionaire family as their fortune collapses to utterly nothing during the 2008 financial collapse. Before the fall they were in the process of building the largest single family home in the country. Super interesting and entertaining  look at a lifestyle a very small few actually live... I consider myself one of the small few, although most others do not. 

3. Stephen Fry In America (NetFlix)

This mini series was fantastic, especially if you're like us and love to travel, and love to watch other people traveling when you are stuck at home. This was a program produced for an audience in the UK, about what traveling through America is like. It's similar to a Travel Channel show about traveling in Europe, but just the opposite. It's fantastical, and it features a fellow with an accent that makes you feel as though you're a moonshine creating okie from Arkansas.

2. A Jim Gaffigan Comedy Special

There are two of these on Netflix, both are hilarious. If you like laughter via a funny person on a stage with a microphone, and haven't heard Jim Gaffigan yet, then that describes you very well. You should watch one of them, then laugh, and enjoy.

1. Alabama Love Story

I have not seen this movie, but I'm convinced you should watch it. Look at the cover, then try not to watch it. See how far you can get through it. Certainly there is a prize for the person who can make it past the 7 minute mark. One of the most entertaining things to do on Netflix is to pick a movie based on how awful the cover art is, Alabama Love Story looks like a true winner in this category.