3 Free Must Have Tools For Your Mac


Tools are essential for a happy production life with your Mac, here are 3 tools that in my book are must haves. I say tools by the way because it makes me feel better and more serious about myself. I use the word quibble as often as I can for the same reason. Download these now, and you to can feel better about yourself.

1. Default Folder X:


While this tool isn't truly free, it is worth every bit of the $20 they ask for after the 30 day free trial expires. This fantastic must have makes my world so much better, faster, and easier. If I use a Mac without it, it's the first thing I download.

What is does:

It does a lot to save you time. The key feature I love most though is how it remembers the last folder you were saving to. This saves me so much time when I'm saving multiple images, versions of an edit, or sends of video to the same folder over and over. It's amazing, try it out.

2. Evernote.


I know, everyone knows about everynote. If you don't how dare you even read this? Go download it now. I use evernote on my phone all the time, but it's amazing how often I use the desktop version on my mac. Definitely a must have, and it's FREE!

What it does:

It's a note taking app but so much more. The fact that you ask insults me.

3. Image Capture.

Ok, so this one is cheating. The thing is, I just discovered image capture not too long ago and meet people all the time who don't know of it or aren't using it. To them, I say here you go, then fill their life with joy as I show them this fantastic app. Image capture isn't something you download, you already have it, if you're on a mac anyway. Go up to spotlight and give it a type. Image capture changed my world when I discovered it. It may not change yours, but the idea that I could so easily dump photos and videos off of my iPhone without going through iTunes was enough to make me happy for 3 days straight. I use image capture now for everything, even RAW imports from my DSLRs.

What it does:

Image capture does just what it says, it captures images and videos from anything camera wise you plug into your computer. Well, unless your trying to capture that old technology known as a "video tape".