Things I've Learned Through Making A Movie From Scratch (Part1)

Free Movie Friday.jpg

For about 6 months now I have been working on a documentary film called "Ears For Isaac". Its not the first film I've worked on. I've been involved in the making of a few films, one in particular that involved a few Golden Retrievers and Betty White... if you can guess the movie you win a popsicle served at room temperature. This current movie however is my first attempt at creating something from scratch. Something that only myself, and a couple other people are doing together, on our own. I've learned a lot of things already, just in these early stages of making this film. I've also discovered that so many of the things I've learned apply to my personal life, and even my relationship with God. I would like to share a few of them with you, in return, I'd love for you to share something with me - preferably cash or stock options - or candy also if that's more reasonable.  

1. Focusing On End Results Isn't Always Beneficial

I came from a background of focusing on results. I took karate for over 6 years growing up, the goal was always the next belt. Later I spent years being pretty competitive in the world of Mountain Bike Racing, the goal was always future focused, the next race which meant a higher category the next season which meant potential for better sponsors which meant a chance to turn Pro one day and maybe even make a career of racing. 

One of the things I've learned through working on this film is that focusing on future results is not always helpful, sometimes it's actually detrimental. Sometimes it seems God puts in front of us goals or tasks or trials that don't have an end result, He just asks us to do the task, complete the goal, or move forward through the trial. A while back I began recording a video journal of some thoughts through this film. Because I'm generally lazy and prefer to press one button to record rather then many buttons to type, I'm posting the first journal below, which follows this idea of a results focused view rather then an accomplishment view. Would love to hear your thoughts.