5 Things To Watch Tonight On Netflix


We don't have cable in our home, other then the interweb cable that connects us to all things online. This online world has given us some great things to watch at night. Here are my top 5 favorites, and where to watch them.

5. Doc Martin (NetFlix)

This BBC original TV series was an obsession of my wife and I's. We were blowing through 3 episodes a night during it's run in our evening veg out time. It's British funny, has fantastic characters, is shot in a beautiful coastal location, and makes you want to yell "oh Bugger off" at people. It's a series we at first didn't think was anything that special, but after about three eps in we decided we were ready to move our family to Port Wien... then realized it didn't exist, so we ate lots of chocolate and ice cream, and yelled "Bugger Off" at each other for 3 straight hours.

4. The Queen Of Versailles (NetFlix)

This documentary follows a billionaire family as their fortune collapses to utterly nothing during the 2008 financial collapse. Before the fall they were in the process of building the largest single family home in the country. Super interesting and entertaining  look at a lifestyle a very small few actually live... I consider myself one of the small few, although most others do not. 

3. Stephen Fry In America (NetFlix)

This mini series was fantastic, especially if you're like us and love to travel, and love to watch other people traveling when you are stuck at home. This was a program produced for an audience in the UK, about what traveling through America is like. It's similar to a Travel Channel show about traveling in Europe, but just the opposite. It's fantastical, and it features a fellow with an accent that makes you feel as though you're a moonshine creating okie from Arkansas.

2. A Jim Gaffigan Comedy Special

There are two of these on Netflix, both are hilarious. If you like laughter via a funny person on a stage with a microphone, and haven't heard Jim Gaffigan yet, then that describes you very well. You should watch one of them, then laugh, and enjoy.

1. Alabama Love Story

I have not seen this movie, but I'm convinced you should watch it. Look at the cover, then try not to watch it. See how far you can get through it. Certainly there is a prize for the person who can make it past the 7 minute mark. One of the most entertaining things to do on Netflix is to pick a movie based on how awful the cover art is, Alabama Love Story looks like a true winner in this category.