Hello. I'm Jason.

I’m a Father and Husband (3 kids, 1 wife). I'm also a California native, but have never surfed in my life. I grew up in a small town called Placerville, which was a wonder. After my wife and I were married, we moved all around Northern California, then down to San Diego. After that, with our 3 kids in tow (plus a travel trailer) we hit the road full-time traveling the country for almost four years.

Today, we’re back where I started, in Placerville, which we’ve discovered is one of the jewels to live and raise a family in all of the country. I've worked in and around the world of digital media, especially the type that moves, for almost a decade. I started in television, then moved into films. After that I worked for a few Nono-profits leading their video teams, then moved into my own projects freelancing as a video editor while we explored the country. Not long ago I launched “So Long Saturn” with my long time friend. Together we shot a feature documentary film that is currently on the festival circuit. In a nutshell, I create moving images called videos, or films. Sometimes those images start with a camera, sometimes a computer, always with a story. 




My Mission

In a nutshell, to create media that sucks less, or maybe even doesn't suck at all. I could elaborate, but no one likes to read anymore. 

Now if they was giraffes, they would have been struck by lighting. But dogs are short, you see. And close to the ground. So they can’t get struck by lighting.
— Barney Fife, The Andy Griffith Show

Bragging. Pure and simple.

I've worked for and with these people and organizations creating moving images of all kinds.

  • Adidas

  • Facebook

  • Polaroid

  • Intel

  • R+Co

  • Animal Planet

  • Coke

  • Sacramento Kings

  • Speed Channel

  • KLOVE & Air1 radio networks

  • Many more.